"Typically Mannheim!"

The city history exhibition in the MARCHIVUM

The exhibition in the MARCHIVUM traces Mannheim's 400-year history in a way never seen before. The scope ranges from the founding of the city in 1606/07 to the present. Covering more than 500 square metres of exhibition space, the big and small stories that shape Mannheim's identity to this day are brought to life in an innovative and interactive multimedia presentation.

Opening hours: Tue, Thu-Sun 10 a.m.-6 p.m., Wed 10 a.m.-8 p.m., Mon closed, open every holiday except December 24 and 31
Collage with exhibition motifs of the city history exhibition: man during the heat summer, Benz family and water tower

17th century

The show begins spectacularly with a large model of the city that outlines Mannheim's history using stunning three-dimensional projections. Then, a virutal prestation of the council minutes recalls life in the 17th century and recounts everyday stories from what was still a young city.

18th century

The 18th century is represented by the electors Johann Wilhelm, Karl Philipp and Karl Theodor. They talk to and about each other in a virtual art gallery and boast of their deeds for the city. The scientific achievements of that era can be explored playfully in a laboratory. But the societal ills of the time are also on display, evidenced here by an orphange.

19th century

The 19th century is illustrated by a large Collection Wall, which can be used to explore Mannheim's journey as a trading and industrial city, the increasing importance of the middle classes, women and the workers' movement, and its almost "American growth" into a major city with a large immigrant population around 1900. Another exciting chapter explains how the water tower became Mannheim's landmark. Visitors also have the unique opportunity to take a virtual tour of Mannheim in a replica of the Benz Patent Motor Car.

20th and 21st century

In the other part of the exhibition, the show focuses on the caesuras, upheavals and radical changes of the 20th and 21st centuries. The two world wars left traces that can still be felt in the city today. An impressive, interactive digital wall provides information on aspects such as the rebuilding of Mannheim or how the cityscape has changed. At the end of the tour, an exciting production informs visitor about individual personalities and their history, and Mannheim residents talk about what makes their district livable and lovable - after all, the "Square City" is still considered a city of suburbs today.

Further information

Further information can be found in the folder on the city history exhibition.

For children

For children, a special activity booklet has been developed that leads through the exhibition on an entertaining rally. It can be purchased for 1 EUR at the box office.

Guided tours

We offer regular public tours of the exhibition. In addition, private group tours can be booked. For more information on our guided tours, please here.


Individual media stations with visual, audio, and film sequences appeal to emotional, cognitive, and physical stimuli. Light and sound effects may possibly trigger physical reactions in sensitive and health-challenged individuals. Children under the age of 10 should visit the exhibition accompanied by an adult.

Exhibition team

  • Head of Project
    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Nieß, Dr. Harald Stockert, Dr. Andreas Schenk supported by Silvia Köhler
  • Curator
    Dr. Anja Gillen, Dr. Andreas Schenk, Dr. Susanne Schlösser, Elke Schneider, Dr. Harald Stockert, Dr. Thomas Throckmorton
  • Exhibition design
    Working group Tatwerk/ and Stacey Spiegel
  • Single ticketInfos: 7.00 EUR
  • ReducedInfos: 3.50 EUR
  • Family ticketInfos: 10.00 EUR
  • School groups: 2.00 EUR
  • Free entranceInfos: 0.00 EUR